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Method of Loci

Source: http://uv-blog.uio.no/wpmu/seyran/2011/12/07/method-of-loci/ 

The bottom line is that you “put” the items you need to memorize on certain places in your “memory palace”.

For more information, see the Wikipedia article.

The use of mind maps

See ThinkBuzan Article 7 Mind Mapping Uses for Students

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Try mind mapping

Source: http://www.mindmapart.com/try-mind-mapping-paul-foreman/

See the “Mind Maps” section of this blog…

Use associations – the weirder the better


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Mind map of memory tricks based on Derren Brown’s Tricks of the Mind

(see on Google Books)


http://hackmymind.com/peg-system/ Copyright © 2012 . Hack My Mind . All Rights Reserved  (for the peg rhyme system picture)

http://litemind.com/improve-memory-speaking-minds-language/ Litemind.com (for the peg shape system picture)

Brown, Derren: Tricks of the Mind

Memory principles

Picture source: http://www.imindmap.com/articles/files/Memory.jpg


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