Mind Mapping Software


You can find:

  • completely free software (e.g. Freeplane – very easy to work with, also a portable version for USB flash, it is based on FreeMind, the goal of Freeplane is to be better than FreeMind)
  • free software with limited functionality (e.g. iMindMap Basic – simply beautiful…)
  • commercial software

There is also online software (web-based)

  • online software https://bubbl.us/ (no registration required – free and very easy)

Lists of software

List of Free mind mapping software on WikIT (Mind mapping wiki)

List of Mind mapping software on Wikipedia


My aim is to promote Mind Mapping as such and to promote free Mind Mapping software, not the ThinkBuzan corporation and its commercial products. This banner is here to suggest iMindMap Basic (free software) and I personally recommend Freeplane, free opensource mind mapping tool.